What goes in the land goes in you

Sustainable eating is about choosing foods that are healthy for your body and the environment

As consumers, we can effect change in our food system by making mindful buying decisions. At the core of sustainable eating is the idea that we have the power to protect our planet and natural resources with the food choices we make. That’s why it’s important to select foods and ingredients that are raised or grown using farming practices that help to conserve natural resources and have minimal impact on the environment.

You have two homes: earth + your body.
Take care of them both.

Family sustainability pledge

Post the Old World Naturals Family Sustainability Pledge on your fridge to serve as a reminder to buy, eat, and act with your family’s health and the health of our planet in mind.

We pledge our commitment to sustainability. As a family, we are committed to making small but impactful changes, starting with good nutrition and family meals, to lead the way for a sustainable future.

Plan<br />
Plan for your family’s meals twice a month to eliminate food waste.
Buy ingredients from farms, grocery stores, farmers markets, and companies that align with your family values of:
Healthy nutrition
Responsibly raised food
Sustainable packaging
Cook<br />
Spend time together preparing meals and learning where and how your food is grown.
Commit to a family schedule that allows time to share stories and create memories in the kitchen while keeping your family well fed:
Learn how food is grown
Share special family recipes
Reinvigorate tradition
Think<br />
Keep your family aligned in your mission to eat and act sustainably.
Create conversation about food’s impact on human health and our planet:
Meet your family’s needs today without compromising future generations’ ability to meet theirs too

The future is bright.

for the next generation

Together, we can impact our land, food, families, and communities for the better.